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Term of Services

Dear user; welcome to our website!
Here we will explain to you the terms of use of the services, files and tools of the website and we ask you to consider these things during the use of the 20Script services in order for both parties to work. These Terms of Use and Terms may change over time and as appropriate.

Terms of use for downloading files

Source files 

The files that will be provided to you in 20Script include completely free and open source files (published on sites such as Github and personal websites), or commercial files (files that are for sale in the market Are large, such as Envato, etc.). Commercial and so-called premium files are null and manipulated so you do not need a purchase code or activation code to use them. Business files are files that are published by buyers in various markets, and 20Script do not interfere in the purchase of these files and their publication for specific purposes. It is not possible to say for sure what the purpose of the publishers of such files is, but sometimes such files are incomplete or are published for the purpose of sabotage and hacking. 20Script do their best. Load scan and analyze and test their performance as well. But with all of this, you as a user should keep in mind that not all null files are necessarily useful and you will be responsible for their use and consequences!

Published files and scripts
In 20Script, we provide you with files, scripts, plugins, templates, and tools completely free of charge and without the need to pay any cash. Storing and preserving such files requires a special storage server, which we provide the necessary expenses to cover its expenses from the advertisements that we publish on the site. Access, download and use of all files in the 20Script is completely free and does not require payment or purchase of a periodic membership subscription. However, some dedicated services, such as installing the requested scripts, customizations required, and the like, which are just to your liking, are out of the twenty-script program, and if you wish, our colleagues in the 20-script team will receive these changes for you by receiving agreed amounts. They will do that you can contact us for more information and orders, from the contact page.

Files support
In 20Script, we have set up a section called Support Forums to support users and fix their problems and answer any questions they may have. With a simple membership, you can ask all your questions, problems and requests. Twenty-script forums are run by approved users, moderators, and administrators, so any payment for personalization requests, scripts must be made at your own risk. 20Script will not be liable for any scams that occur in the private message or for the vital information of your site that you share with others. If you need a professional review of your website problems, contact the certified and official users of 20 scripts.

Backlinks inside the script
As mentioned before, 20Script has provided all of its files to you for free. However, in order to support 20Script, in the template or scripts you receive, there may be one or two backlinks to the 20Script site that you can edit or delete at your own discretion, or Support our free services by keeping them.

Malicious code and malware
The team of 20Script is always trying to provide you with healthy and high quality files. In this regard, all files, including scripts, templates and plugins, are scanned by offline and online antivirus before being placed on the site. In terms of performance, they are installed and tested in test servers to provide you with safe, high-quality files free of any malware and malicious code. However, due to the great variety of malware and the arrival of new malicious methods, sometimes some of this code may be hidden from the eyes of the review team of 20Script, and you, as a user of these files, are obliged to download the files after Scan online antivirus as well (because online antivirus is constantly updating its malware databases and will detect more malware over time). If you see any malware or malware, you can contact us to correct them so that we can update the files that contain malware on the TwentyScript website.

Protecting the rights of designers
The Bistcript website, while publishing null files, always suggests to you, dear users, if you always want to use the latest updates and the healthiest codes, be sure to buy the desired product from its real designer. However, we collect null and commercial files that are published as leaked as a database and script reference for you dear ones. 20Script are trying to support Iranian designers, to completely refrain from publishing null or ripped versions of Iranian products. Designers outside of Iran, if they want to remove their nulled products from 20Script, can refer their request to the 20Script team from the Contact Us section.

Publish proprietary files
In 20Script and Chat Forums, many designers may be involved in designing and publishing files, designs, scripts, or plugins specifically outside of TwentyScripts. In the first step, you should keep in mind that the contents of these files in terms of coding or correct operation or the presence of malware and malicious code, will be entirely with the designer and the responsibility for using these files will be entirely on you. In the second step, to support these great designers, if you intend to publish these files on your blog or website, you are required to mention the designer's name and the designer's profile link in the twenty-script forums.


Terms of use of 20Script support forums

Support forums
In 20Script, as mentioned earlier, we have provided a place to support you, troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have, and you can create a topic and request for any topic for free. Using this section is completely free and without the need to pay any money. But when it comes to using this section, you have to consider the points that if you do not follow any of the items, the result will be to cut off your access to the twenty-script forums. Please note that all of these tips are designed to have a friendly environment without negatives, and you dear ones will be required to follow these tips if you wish to use the forums.

Terms and conditions of membership and commencement of work
1. Appropriate username: Each user must consider a username when subscribing to the account. Avoid entering meaningless, offensive and obscene usernames.
2. Profile photo and avatar: In the Bist script forum, you are able to change your profile picture, any disgusting, obscene, irrelevant and insulting images will be subject to user interaction.
3. User signature: placing irrelevant images, banner ads, irrelevant and offensive sentences, links to filtered sites, long advertising texts and multiple links, contrary to the rules of the Twenty-Script Association and dealing with the user and signing The user will be cleared after being fired.
4. Creating a topic: Every user, from the general management to new users, is required to create their own topics in the section and sub-category specific to their topic and topic. In this case, the user topic will be redirected to the relevant forum only once. But if it happens again, the user will lose access to the forum.
5. Topic Title: The topics you consider for your new topics should be a comprehensive, useful, and general summary of your topic content. Vague titles or sentences such as (urgent question - I have a problem - God help me - why did it happen? - Why did it happen?) Or misleading titles such as (download the latest version of a script) if the content of the topic is on request, It is against the law and the offending user will be dealt with on a daily basis.
6. Reply to topics: When replying to other people's topics:
First: Avoid sending spam separately (at the end of this thread it explains what content is spam and why it is spam)
Second: Give an answer that is related to the user's question or request and refrain from sending answers that have virtually no benefit for the user or have nothing to do with his request.
Third: Avoid insulting and writing obscene words to the user who created the topic + insulting relatives, religions and parties.
7. Thank you for your favorite posts: Use the thank you key to thank others for their answers and topics. Do not send replies with the content (thank you - thank you - daddy hot time - old lady grandma, etc.) separately. (This will be considered spam and will expel the user)
8. New topic content: Please note when creating new topics:
First: The content and topic of your topics should be related to the 20Script Association. The main topics of the forum are (script - template, layout - coding) and other sections such as (questions and answers - technology - software, etc.) are the side sections of the forum. But other miscellaneous issues will not be hindered in free discussion with the supervision and discretion of the association's directors.
Second: Creating political topics that are completely contrary to the subject of the association is against the law and will be dealt with severely.
Third: If you create a topic to solve your problem and report a problem, be sure to ask your question with a picture and full description. Otherwise, it will be difficult to respond to your topic.
9. Buying and selling ...: Any buying and selling of the product and exchanging money between users (even senior managers and departments, etc.) is responsible for its profit and loss on both sides of the user and 20Script are not responsible for any This is not accepted. Please buy and sell with the knowledge and receipt of the required documents to build trust.

Terms of conversations and personal messages
1. Health in use: As you know, it is possible to start a conversation and send a private message to other users for all members of the 20Script community. Therefore, any insult to people, creating chaos is against the law and the user will be dealt with.
2. Providing personal and business information: Please be very careful in providing information such as hosting or important user panels of sites such as hosting, domain, etc., and to people who have just joined the association in terms of experience or honesty at work. Do not trust! The Association of 20Script and Administrators will not be liable for any damage to your property.
3. Group or individual advertising: Any advertising activity and introduction of a site or sale of services in a private or individual message, is against the law and the offending user will be dealt with.


Rules for advertising and selling products

1. Authorized groups: User groups that are allowed to advertise and sell their products are "active" groups with 150 and more posts.
2. Categorization and segregation of ads: Topics related to the sale of domains, hosts, scripts and templates should be created in the relevant forum. Also, be sure to post your topics in the "Online Marketplace" section, not in miscellaneous and unrelated forums.
3. Provide sufficient and comprehensive information: When creating product sales topics, be sure to consider a few images (more than 3 images) for your product. And these images must be from the product itself. Not miscellaneous and irrelevant images.
+ Also, the product description texts must be comprehensive and complete. Product features should be written completely and accurately without exaggeration.
4. Unauthorized activities: Activities such as selling fake products - free - non-exclusive and null and ripped are against the law and will be dealt with.


Other community tips and rules


1. Spam:
As mentioned earlier, spam is one of the most common issues we encounter on a daily basis. Spam does not only include posts such as (thank you - thank you - it was useful, etc.). Spam is generally defined as responses that have nothing to do with the request or the content of the topic. Even if the irrelevant response is long, it will still be considered spam. Dealing with users who post spam will be the same for both management and other groups.
+ Once a warning in a private message, a second time a warning in a topic, a third time expelled from the forum.
2. Put your codes in the code box:
If you want to attach php, html, etc. to the topic of questions or answers you give to users, be sure to put your code in the code box. This will make the code you put appear more beautiful, easier to access, and prevent clutter.
3. Use appropriate fonts and colors:
Use appropriate colors when creating a thread. Colors that are the same color as the background of the forum and cause annoyance to the user's eyes are not allowed. Also, the use of very large sizes for a large volume of topic text will not be allowed.
4. Do not use multiple links to the source site:
If you create a news or educational topic that is sourced from another site or in most cases your own site, do not provide multiple links to your site pages in the text. Only one link is allowed to the same content link. If this problem occurs, it will be warned once. But the second time, this issue will be taken more seriously.


Terms and conditions of use of Upload Center


As you know, in 20Script, we have prepared an upload center section for you dear ones. With this section, you can upload your files and put them in your twenty-script forums or your site and blog with a direct link. But regarding its use, you should consider the following:
1. Strictly avoid uploading immoral files (videos, photos). If you see such activity on your part, we will inevitably block your IP and hardware ID on the twenty-script servers.
2. Do not upload any virus, infected, malicious or phishing files separately. Seeing such activity will be equivalent to blocking your access to all services and the twenty-script website.
3. Publish links to uploaded files on immoral websites. Thank you. You may not post links to files uploaded in this section on immoral sites or filtered by the Criminal Content Working Group.
4. You are not allowed to use the upload script of 20Script for your music sites! It is not possible to host your music and we can not host your music!


Terms and conditions for accepting advertisements


In 20Script, we have to accept advertisements to pay for the maintenance of the servers and hosts used. If you are planning to place your ad in 20Script, please consider the following before proceeding:
1. We refuse to accept websites that are filtered or contain immoral information, images, files or videos.
2. We do not accept fake websites, phishing, hacking tools, dating and dating websites and the like.
3. We are excused from accepting banners and link titles containing characters and immoral cases, contrary to the custom and laws of the criminal content of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
4. Please note that 20Script have full authority in accepting or rejecting your advertising request, so contact us before requesting an ad.


All the cases and conditions that you studied, were set on July 9, 2021. Your activities will be adapted and reviewed at all times, at the same time; Therefore, however, the above texts can be updated and changed in the future.
Thank you for trying to select 20Script for your professional activities and we hope that by observing the above, we will be able to provide an environment free of any margins and negative points for you and our other users.
Thank you for your support;
Team of 20Script